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The aim of the project was to demonstrate the possibilities of using generic, standardized and cost-effective building materials and methods, in this case; brick veneer, painted compressed sheet, colourbond roofing and cladding and plasterboard. Utilizing a make-do-with-what-you’ve-got approach, where critical architectural ideas are the platform for the design process. This project was an ongoing case study within our office and we seek to eliminate the idea that architectural ideas can only be achieved with big budgets and costly construction.

The plan is both open and closed, solid and void. The design intent was to compartmentalize the space with the flexibility of joining independent spaces, such as, the living room with the courtyard, dining space with the backyard, or all together as one continuous space.

The design response was informed by the formal manipulation of a traditional ‘hipped roof’ stretched from the first to ground floor on a continuous plane, thereby relinquishing two separate building elements and roof lines for each level. This intervention also enabled the building to engage the corner of the site, highlighting the perspective to the entry and floating downpipe, resulting in a multi-dimensional reading of the building at pedestrian level. The result is an ambiguity between scale and the demarcation between the ground and first floors, fascinating the question: where does the ground floor end and the first floor begin? The peeled back pop-up skylight sheds some light on the spatial conundrum.

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